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    Instead of offering a product, we offer knowledge. The entire planning of the house improvements are a learning experience! The participants learn to measure, design, plan and do some construction services in order to carry out their constructions autonomously and without waste. All activities are in group and decisions are taken by the group in a cooperative way. This way, the participants support each other, become stronger, and discover that they are capable of accomplishing things they never imagined.


    This process contributes to strengthening women's self-esteem and self-confidence, promoting transformations that goes far beyond the house improvements.



    We are a non-profit institution, and our actions are offered entirely free of charge to our target public, low-income women, and their families. This way we can reach the ones who are mostly needed! Your support is essential for the project to continue. With your monthly donations we can structure and plan long-term actions so our actions can impact more and more people.

    Recurring donations made by people who believe in our work are not only consistent with our values of cooperation and strengthening bonds, but also encouraging and inspiring to us.

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